A Better Relationship for Valentine’s Day

A Better Relationship for Valentine’s Day

Help Your Child Cope With Their Puppy's Death

Vicki Alexander

If your child witnessed their puppy being run over by a vehicle and has shown signs of withdrawal and emotional distress due to their pet's death, try the following suggestions to help your child cope with the situation that they experienced and begin to heal from the event:

Make An Appointment With A Counselor

Contact a counselor who specializes in childhood behavior and initially meet with the counselor by yourself. During the appointment, voice your concerns and seek guidance concerning ways that you can help your child overcome the grief that they are dealing with. The counselor may suggest that you plan social activities that will help your child feel comfortable spending time with others or spend time trying new activities alone with your child.

Make an appointment for your child to speak with the counselor. If your child is young, the counselor may have toys in their office that your offspring can use to act out how they are feeling so that the counselor can gain insight about the obstacles that your child is facing. If your child is older and can verbally communicate their feelings, they can release pent up anger and frustration in a safe, supportive environment. 

Plan A Memorial For The Pet

Plan a memorial service for your child's pet and allow your offspring to help you decide upon decorations that can be used to adorn the puppy's urn, headstone, or memorial marker. Ask your child if they would like to write a poem or statement to describe their pet. Invite family members and close friends to the gathering. During the memorial service, post photographs of the puppy in an area where everyone can clearly view them while the animal is being discussed. Invite each person to speak about the pet before ending the service with soft music.

Spend Time With Animals Or Adopt Another Puppy

Ask your child if they would be interested in visiting an animal rescue agency or local zoo so that they can spend time with a variety of animals and learn about their history and habits. Take pictures of the animals that you both encounter so that they can be enjoyed at a later time.

If you are feeling comfortable about adopting another puppy and your child is favorable of the idea, take your child to a humane society to adopt a new companion. Teach your child to be responsible while looking after their pet and ensure that the puppy is always wearing a collar that has a leash secured to it before heading outdoors. 

Contact a counseling service like Andrea Brandt Therapy for more information and assistance. 


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A Better Relationship for Valentine’s Day

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