A Better Relationship for Valentine’s Day

A Better Relationship for Valentine’s Day

Watch For These Signs That Indicate Anxiety About Perfection

Vicki Alexander

Anxiety disorders can affect you in many ways, from having a constant state of dread for a reason you don't understand to being acutely anxious about certain topics. One type of anxiety that many people experience is perfection anxiety — in other words, they're extremely anxious about having things perfect, and may experience a high degree of anxiety or even suffer an anxiety attack when things seem less than perfect. While striving for perfection isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's a concern if this quest is negatively affecting your life. Here are some signs that indicate a perfection-related anxiety disorder. If you notice them, you should speak to an anxiety therapist.

You Attempt To Control Family Members

When you're anxious about being perfect, you'll often look for imperfections among those around you, and then attempt to fix things. If you have a family, beware of your attempts to make them perfect. For example, you might heavily scrutinize your children before they leave the house in the morning, adjusting their hair and clothing, making sure that they don't have any breakfast on their faces or hands, and so on. While these efforts can be well intentioned, assess your degree of anxiety. You might not have an issue if you're just trying to be helpful, but it's a concern if you're significantly anxious about how they look.

Your Home Has To Look A Certain Way

If you're someone who meticulously cleans his or her home and organizes it regularly, you could just appreciate cleanliness — or, you could have anxiety about perfection. Even those who appreciate a clean house understand that things occasionally get dusty and foods sometimes get spilled on the floor. If you have anxiety about perfection, these instances might get you really upset, and you might have to forgo whatever else you've been doing in order to get dusting or cleaning, for example.

You Take On Too Much

Those who experience a high degree of anxiety about being perfect often feel as though they can't delegate certain tasks because they believe that they will do things best. This approach can lead to taking on too much responsibility, which can only lead to more stress and anxiety. At work, for example, you might feel as though your employees cannot complete projects as well as you, so you respond by handling things that you should probably be delegating. If you notice these signs that indicate a struggle with being perfect, you may wish to speak to an anxiety therapist. Contact a treatment center, like The A Treatment Center, for more help.


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A Better Relationship for Valentine’s Day

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