A Better Relationship for Valentine’s Day

A Better Relationship for Valentine’s Day

How To Get Your Marriage Back On Track

Vicki Alexander

When you're little, you daydream of being an adult, getting married to your prince charming or princess, and having a family of your own. However, when you get older, you realize that marriage and parenthood are two things that are a lot harder than you may have never known. If you feel like you and your spouse have started to slowly grow apart, you may feel at a loss for what to do to help repair it. From taking date nights to going to couples psychotherapy, this article will give you a few ways to help get your marriage back on track. 

Date Nights

Wehn was the last time that you and your spouse took time to gout on the town with each other? Can you even remember the last time that you were along with each other in a room without kids when you weren't sleeping? Try scheduling regular and frequent date nights with each other. This one on one time will help you reconnect on a new level and really nourish your relationship. And remember that if your budget doesn't allow for you to do something expensive every time, try doing something like going on a walk in a park or playing a board game at home; it's not about what you do, but rather the time that you spend with each other. 

Practice Listening

One of the things that often fall by the wayside during a marriage is the ability to listen to the other person. Rather than trying to get your point across during an argument, take time to step back and listen to your partner and understand where they are coming from; this will allow you to make changes and make them feel validated. 

Couples Psychotherapy

If you and your spouse have never been to couples psychotherapy, then you may not know how truly beneficial it can be. During couples psychotherapy, you can work on a variety of different things like understanding where your spouse is coming from, how to nurture your relationship, how to voice your opinion, and so much more. One thing to remember before you go into psychotherapy is for both of you guys to be as honest and upfront as possible. Otherwise, things won't go as well as they could. 

Being in any relationship is hard work and marriage is definitely no exception. If you want to learn more about ways that you can nurture your marriage, contact a professional like Randy Carrin, Psy.D.


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A Better Relationship for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year. My husband and I always shower each other with gifts and affection at this time. But, for some couples, this special day is another sad reminder of their unhappy relationships. If you and your spouse have hit a rough patch in your marriage recently, why not take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to invest in your relationship? You can accomplish this task by visiting a local reputable marriage counselor. This professional can work with the two of you on communication skills, division of household chores, issues of forgiveness, and many other problems. On this blog, you will discover how to utilize a counselor this Valentine’s Day.