A Better Relationship for Valentine’s Day

A Better Relationship for Valentine’s Day

3 Things That Will Help With Postpartum Depression

Vicki Alexander

For months, you've felt this tiny baby growing and moving around in your belly. Then, finally, they make their grand entrance into the world. Instantly, you're in love — you lock eyes and know that this little being is going to change your life forever. Now, you bring your baby home and begin working to create some sort of schedule for both of you, but there's a heaviness in your heart — you're one of the many mothers suffering from postpartum depression. If you're one of the many new moms suffering, you'll find some tips below to help you get through the darkness to find the light in your baby's eyes once again.

Seek Professional Help

Postpartum depression is nothing to mess around with. It has consumed mothers for years, but if you work with a professional that specializes in postpartum depression, you'll not only have someone who you can talk to, but you'll have someone there to teach you how to cope, possibly prescribe medication to help and will let you know if or when your mindset is putting you and your baby at risk.

Let People Help

That precious little baby may look innocent enough, but they really can cause your life to be turned upside-down. When people offer to come and help, let them. Allow others to watch the baby while you take a nap, read a few chapters of a good book, or catch up on housework. Your family and friends will be excited to come and hang out with your baby — and you and knowing that their presence is helping you — it will excite them even more. Let people help.

Lower Your Expectations

Before your baby came into your life, you had all kinds of time to get your housework done, keep up with things for work and maybe even do something nice for yourself sometimes. Now, you have a little being relying on you for everything, so you'll have to lower your expectations for what you can expect yourself to do in a day. You might not be able to stand at the sink long enough to get the dishes washed before the baby needs your attention — it's OK to let those dirty dishes sit. Only do what you can do without causing yourself unnecessary stress.

Today, contact a postpartum depression counselor, take it easy, breathe, and just gaze into your baby's eyes and remember how happy you were the second they were put in your arms — it can be reviving just to remember that moment.

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A Better Relationship for Valentine’s Day

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