A Better Relationship for Valentine’s Day

A Better Relationship for Valentine’s Day

Addressing The Needs Of Female Veterans With Depression

Vicki Alexander

Depression is a common concern for veterans, and female veterans may seek resources to help them deal with a variety of concerns. Depression is a serious issue for anybody to deal with, but special resources are available to help female veterans.

Here are a few ways in which mental health treatment or counseling can impact depression in female veterans.

Address Trauma Related to Military Service

Not all trauma associated with military service is linked to combat. In fact, many issues are related to sexual harassment and assault. 

Trauma-focused therapy or counseling may help female veterans cope with the symptoms of depression that are associated with these experiences.

Enhance Self-Awareness

Depression can often lead to a downward spiral, where an individual feels like they have little control over their life. 

Counseling can help female veterans become more aware of their emotions, enabling them to take back control of their lives. This can help prevent depression from leading to further problems in the future.

Education and Support

Counseling can also provide an opportunity for education about depression and how it can be managed effectively. Female veterans may benefit from learning techniques such as mindfulness or cognitive-behavioral therapy that can enable them to manage their depression more effectively.

Additionally, counseling can provide an opportunity for support from trusted professionals who understand the unique experiences of female veterans. Group therapy can offer guidance for female veterans to support each other as well.

Balancing Responsibilities

Female veterans often have to balance many responsibilities, including their military and home life. Counseling can assist female veterans in developing strategies for better managing these responsibilities. This can reduce stress and help relieve symptoms of depression.

Collaboration With a Medical Team

Collaboration between a mental health professional and primary care providers can help ensure that female veterans receive the comprehensive care they need. 

This can be particularly beneficial for female veterans who may not feel comfortable talking to their doctor about mental health concerns.

Address Stigma

Depression should not be a source of shame. Working with a mental health treatment provider can help female veterans confront any feelings surrounding mental health stigma and provide them with tools to cope better with their depression.

Contact a Mental Health Professional

Female veterans should know that there is help available if they are feeling depressed or overwhelmed. Working with a mental health professional can help alleviate symptoms of depression and provide essential emotional support. Speak to a veterans depression counseling service for more info or for assistance.


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A Better Relationship for Valentine’s Day

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